Monday, April 13, 2015

Weekend Workouts and a Raise!

Things have been looking up lately. But I think that just happens when I finally take the time to make myself happy. I've been staying active and trying to eat better and as a result, I feel like everything else just automatically gets better.

This weekend I took d.o.g on two runs. This was the first time I ever tried to run with him and it was a mess in the beginning. He is getting better though. I love running with him. Not only do I feel safer but he also pushes me to go faster and to actually run up the hills. We did a little under 2 miles on Friday and on Sunday.

Today I plan on going to town lake and renting a bicycle for a while. If not, I may just run a 3 mile loop and call it a day. I can't wait until my niece gets a little older so that I can take her too. She is getting so big and so cute. I loves her.

And I was just told that I'm getting a raise. Hallelujah! And they are going to back pay us from March 1st. So this weeks check will be very nice! I think I'm gonna get a new dress to celebrate the raise and celebrate my running and getting moving again. 

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