Friday, April 10, 2015

Week in Workouts

I'm back at it again and very excited that I've found my motivation again. I haven't been strength training very much but I'm taking baby steps.

I've done four 3 mile runs in the past week, each showing progress.

Last Friday I ran 3.05 miles in 47:51 for an average pace of 15:40 min/mile.
Monday I ran 3.01 miles in 43:37 for an average pace of 14:30 min/mile.
Tuesday I ran 3.00 miles in 41:47 for an average pace of 13:56 min/mile.
Thursday I ran 3.00 miles in 40:10 for an average pace of 13:24 min/mile.

While I'm not the speediest runner I can see progress in each and every single one of my runs and that's what keeps me going and makes me happy. I've already dropped almost 8 minutes from my first run. I also know that I used to be a lot faster and it sometimes makes me sad but then I realize if I keep it up I can be back to where I was. I just can't give up.

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