Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Good News and Bad News

What a start to 2015 this has been.

Drew and I found a new place! We move in January 28th and we are super excited about it. It's a step up from the apartments we've had in the past. This time we got a duplex with a yard that I know our dogs will love. It's a cute two story duplex with the living room/kitchen on the bottom floor and the entire upstairs is our bedroom, restroom, and huge walk in closet. I am so excited to start decorating.

Other good news - I was pulled into the office at work with news that I may be getting a role change soon. They want me to take on a more project oriented role which excites me a lot. In my previous role I was answering everyone's questions about benefits and helping them figure out their new plans. When I move to my new role, I will not be on the phone anymore. Woot Woot. They did mention that I may be working longer hours some days, but I'm very okay with that.

The bad news - Drew lost his job of 5 years on January 8th. I know, perfect timing right. But the way I see it, it's actually good news. Really good news. I could see that he was becoming unhappy working there and even after 5 years he wasn't getting paid what he deserved. He was such a hard worker.

So he's on the hunt for a new job. So far the prospects are building and designing pools, landscaping, or foundation repair. All of which I know he'll enjoy because he likes using his hands and creating things. He also loves a job that he can sweat and get dirty at. He is not the office type of guy.

With that being said, I am soooo excited for 2015. A lot of new things are happening and I look forward to the day that we're settled into our place, Drew has a new job, and we are happier than ever.

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