Thursday, August 21, 2014

Thinking Out Loud #9 - Bachelorette Party

Hey there! Today I'm joining Amanda for her awesome link-up.

1. I've been really busy lately. That explains my lack of posts lately. I'm standing in a wedding as Maid of Honor and it has been a lot of work. Last weekend we celebrated the bachelorette party. Lot's of fun.

2. I bought my shoes for the wedding and I am loving them. The bride was even thinking about going to buy the same pair.

3. Have you guys seen the dress I'm wearing yet? I got to pick out my own style to wear that will be separate from what the bridesmaids are wearing. The picture doesn't do it justice. There is really pretty beading on the sweat heart top.

I'm ending in short today, but that does not mean I won't be back later when I'm more inspired.

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