Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Round 2!

I can't believe the amount of weight I have gained...25-30 pounds in about 8 months y'all. How did I let this happen? I see a direct correlation with the amount of blogs I've read in the past 8 monts. It seems that reading other's blogs and writing my own blog was very beneficial to me. It kept me motivated and gave me ideas. Seeing other healthy people and their lifestyles and how they are able to maintain, even when they are out of town, or hitting a rough patch in their lives. It's time to reach out to the healthy living bloggers and ask for support and guidance. Please help me to be accountable. I did buy a new camera with the thoughts in mind that I have no excuses to document a workout or make my blog look pretty. I can't wait to share some awesome pictures with you guys.

 Cheers to bettering myself. Cheers to happy living. Cheers to healthy living.

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