Thursday, August 29, 2013

Arm Workout, Co-Ed Softball, and Soreness

I know, I know. It's weird that I'm posting two days in a row. But it helps to keep me accountable.

You all know how sore I was yesterday. Well today I have a severe case of DOMS. Kill me now.
I think I really screwed up and went to hard for my first day back working out. It kills me to walk or even stand. The soreness did not stop me from working out during lunch yesterday.

I told my friend Stephanie that I hadn't worked out in so long I didn't know what to do for an arm day. So she very kindly gave me this workout. And now I can't lift my arms over my head.


3x each
15 reps

Set 1
Bicep curl
Tricep push down
Repeat 2 more X

Set 2
Hammer curl
Tricep dip
Repeat 2 more X

Set 3
Bicep curl with straight bar
Tricep push down
Repeat 2more X

Set 4
Rotating bicep curl incline
Overhead Tricep extension
Repeat 2 more X

Finish off with 2 or 3 of your favorite leg exercises
Could be.... Lunges (like we did at my house)
Leg curls and /or squats

Yeahhh buddy. I finished the whole thing and then hopped on a bike for about 15 minutes before my lunch was over.

When I got back I was starving and broke so I had a healthy choice lasagna in a box. NOT BAD people. I mean I know it's not great for you but it was better than the alternative of chips, cookies and ice cream.

Both Drew and I have always been into sports. I played, basketball, volleyball, softball, track, and Drumline. Yes drumline is a sport people. So not to long ago Drew signed us for a co-ed softball league. We are having a blast! Our last game was a wipe out. We won 20-2! We probably would have scored more but they only let you get 9 runs per inning so they cut us off at 9, twice. Here is my team and I love that our shirts are pink. The guys dig it too. Maybe that's why they made the team name... PITCH SLAP!

What sports did you play?

Would you join a co-ed sports team?

Any recommendations to cure DOMS?

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