Friday, June 22, 2012

Day One: No smoking

Okay, so right about now is when I'd be smoking my first cigarette. You know, right after breakfast. The BEST time to have one. :] I am in fact craving one, but waiiitt....what am I reaching for in this little purse of mine....GUMMM!! Hopefully it will help. And I made sure to get sugarfree gum. My other bad habit is RedBull. But we'll just get rid of one bad habit at a time. :]

I am on day 5 of not biting my nails. They are growing slowly, but surely. Don't mind my ugly hands

It is now 5:55pm...a couple hours ago I posted the above. I had a headache all day from just flat out not smoking. Now, what am I doing you ask? Sitting next to Andrew as he puffs that cigarette. It smells pretty gross, but for some reason I'm still very tempted to grab it from him and puff it all down. But I can't. What I did do though, is grab a miller light out of the refrigerator. And now I don't even want a second one. 

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