Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Total Fitness Wednesday!!!

Happy Wednesday! And Happy National Running Day!!! Woot Woot. Party over here, Party over there.....Actually there is a party going on. It's a bloghop kinda party.

Total Fitness Wednesday is hosted by Asphalt and Trails.
                   If you would like to join, check out her page and find out the guidelines!!!
      It sure is hot here in Texas! So I wanted to give some quick tips on how to beat the heat.

Yesterday I went for a run, and just about died after 1 mile...1 freakin mile. I felt so heavy, hot, and couldn't see shit b/c the sun was so bright. Clouds, Wind, Rain, please come soon.
1. Drink extra water throughout the day. You'll be sweating extra when you're out running in the heat so it's important to be well hydrated.
2. I tried to avoid areas of direct heat as much as possible so I tried to run in shady neighborhoods. Another good idea would be to go run in a park.
3. Wear Sunglasses to avoid loosing your eyeballs. Seriously. I wouldn't have been able to see if a car was right in front of me.
4. If you don't normally eat something try to eat something very small like a mini cliff bar or something to give you that extra energy that the sun drains out of you.
5. After running jump into the nearest pool. I would do it to just relax and get cool but now that I think about it you could turn it into a little exercise too.
6. How about avoiding going in the middle of the day?!!? Duh. I know some of us have no choice or are too lazy to wake up to early or to lazy to run after eating dinner. Sucks for us because we'll have to run in the heat. But you early birds and night owls got it made.
7. Trade some of your outside runs for the Dreadmill. I know it can be difficult to run on the treadmill because of boredom but you'll be thankful you did instead of being in the heat.
8. I'd say wear a hat. But I don't even do that. I feel like it doesn't give my noggin room to breathe. I like to sweat and then feel the wind from my "super speedy" runs, so no hat for me.
9. Something that won't help you feel cooler but that you definitely need to do if you are running longer distances, wear SUNSCREEN! Keep your skin beautiful and healthy.
10. You could have your boyfriend/husband/friend follow you in a car as you run and throw ginormous water buckets at you every 5 minutes...but really ain't no body got time for that.

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