Wednesday, June 1, 2016

I Love Disc Golf!!!


It's been a long time. My last post was just about a year ago. It's crazy how time goes by.

I never meant to abandon my blog but I also was not doing very much exciting. I wasn't working out anymore and honestly I didn't want anyone to know. but here we are again. Same story. I NEED to lose this weight again. It's not me. I'm not my happiest. But I'm ready.

I started playing disc golf more seriously than I ever have. You know, going to tournaments and practicing almost everyday. It has definitely paid off. I recently won the Texas Women's Disc Golf Championship in the Recreational division. That was my first tournament and I won! I couldn't believe it but it definitely was one of the more happier times in my life.

I also recently competed in the Women's Global Event. Ladies from all over the world played two rounds at their designated course and we were ranked based on course difficulty. I ended up 41st out of over 350 girls. This was only my second tournament.

Now I'm just ready to keep competing. I've got a couple tournaments in the next months that I'm really looking forward to and can't wait to post those results here!

Have you ever played disc golf before?

Is there any competition/race that you are getting ready for?